How do you decide what to write next?

This is a question I’m currently struggling with. I’ve finished writing all the novels in The Texan Quartet and those that aren’t published yet are with my publisher, Momentum. So now I have to work out what to write next. I’ve got a couple of choices.

I have a fantasy which I wrote a couple of years ago and I’ve spent last week polishing it. I’m still really pleased with it so I’ll start shopping it around to see if anyone wants it. But that means I have to decide whether I want to write book 2 in the fantasy series (hoping book 1 sells), or start a new romance series.

I have been plotting out a new romance series. After The Texan Quartet I’ve decided I love writing romance series, because I can’t bear to leave my characters after just one book. This new series is going to be a sister series, tentatively called The Flanagan Sisters. I know exactly what happens in book 1 because it’s an idea I had a few years ago and has been sitting in my ideas folder. I also know I want to spend some more time with a character who pops up in All that Sparkles, so he’s the hero for book 3. Finally I worked out who the other two sisters are, and have a vague idea of their stories.

So which do I write?

I am playing with the idea of writing both the romance and the fantasy at the same time. I’ve never written two books at once so I don’t know how hard it will be. It might be nice to write some words for the romance and when I get stuck, switch to the fantasy and vice versa. As long as I get words on the page it doesn’t really matter which story they go to. But I may also lose the flow of each story and find it hard to get stuck into either one.

Still I can always give it a go and if it doesn’t work, I can pick the one that’s working.

Or if I get a contract for either series with deadlines, that will also help me decide.

Either way I’m really excited about starting something new.