Segways – so much better than bikes

Claire and her husband on segways

Some of you may have read my last blog post about cycling around Rottnest Island. If you did, you’ll know that bicycles are not my favourite mode of transport. However the day after my cycling adventure I discovered my new favourite mode of transport – the Segway!

My sister-in-law bought my husband and myself a Segway tour last Christmas and we had the opportunity to use it while we were over at Rottnest. I’d never been on a Segway before but I’d seen pictures and it looked like fun. Turns out it was SO much fun.

Claire and her husband on segways

Posing for a picture

The tour guide instructed us how the Segway works and took us through a short obstacle course. I will admit that initially there were a couple of bunny-hops reminiscent of when I was trying to learn to drive, but it didn’t take long before I was rolling along the road with ease. (It was at about this stage that I wished I’d had a Segway for my ill-advised cycling tour of the island the day before).

When everyone was comfortable, we set out on our tour of the island. We got to go off-road, along bumpy tracks and up and down hills that would have had me gasping for breath the day before. It was so easy!

Now I know we both look completely daggy, but I don’t care. We were on holiday and packing light. Mind you, if I post photos of my Ecuador trip at the end of the year, I’m sure you’ll see the appearance of the pink rain jacket at some stage. 🙂  To show you how easy the Segway is, my husband took a little bit of video with his phone. He’s riding alongside me, so obviously one-handed, and still managing to control it. Actually every time I see the video, the Weird Al Yankovic song, “White and Nerdy” goes through my head. “You see me roll on, my Segway…”.

I’m already planning my next Segway tour!