Promo – Nina Blake: His Forgotten Wife

Today's promo spot goes to Nina Blake who really is quite interesting. Here are some fun facts about her:

  • She has a second degree black belt in kickboxing
  • She didn't learn to speak English until she went to school
  • She has an honours degree in philosophy - just don't ask her why!
Forget Me Not Cover

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Claire and Stefan’s marriage was over. They’d been estranged for six months, living in separate apartments, leading separate lives. Until an unknown accident leaves Stefan with no memory of who he is, what he wants, and the wife he left behind.

Claire’s compassion leads her to caring for Stefan. Though he is back to being the thoughtful, affectionate man she fell in love with, she can’t let herself get too involved. The instant Stefan’s memory comes back, he’ll remember who he was and what he really wants – and it’s not Claire.

Or is it?

Praise for FORGET ME NOT:

'Forget Me Not packs a lot of emotions in a tight package so bring a Kleenex when you read it.' — Romance Junkies

'Nina Blake has written from the heart and placed two damaged souls on a path that could lead to redemption or gut-wrenching pain. With smooth prose that is often like a gentle breeze, Ms. Blake will capture your heart and your mind as you share the lives of her characters.' — Tome Tender

'Forget Me Not was very 'intense and emotional'... Giving you an excellent read that I would recommend.' — GMTA Literary Community