Practice makes perfect

I have spent so much time in the garden over the last month that I'm almost sick of it! It's partially my own fault because I have such a big garden - my bit of land is just over 1000 squared metres. That means there's quite a bit of garden bed. In the last month I have focused on weeding and mulching the garden because my critique group members are coming this weekend and my garden beds were an absolute mess. I knew if I gave myself a deadline like having people over to visit, the weeding would actually get done!

Some of the task was enjoyable. My little willy wagtail friend that I spoke of in a previous blog​ kept me company each weekend. Yesterday he was even cheeky enough to hop on to my back and then climb up to my head to get a good view of the insects I was digging up.

My biggest challenge was the mulching, or rather getting and delivering the mulch. You see that meant I had to back up the trailer, and I didn't have a lot of experience with that. I was getting the mulch for free from my local rubbish tip: they collect green waste, mulch it and then have huge piles of it available for anyone to come and get. This meant I had to back my trailer up as close as possible ​to the pile so I didn't have to shovel it so far. The exercise was all the more difficult because I couldn't actually see the trailer while I was backing up (the back of the car was too high!). So I carefully propped up my fork in the corner so it stuck up and used that as a guide.

When has a little practice enabled you to master something?​