Slow and steady wins the race

My bike - I call her the bluebird

I've been riding vintage motocross for just over a year now and I'm pleased to say that I am improving. I bought myself a solo bike because I was swinging on the sidecar with my husband and I decided since I was going to be spending all day at the track anyway, I might as well take part in the rest of the events. I'm also very lucky that the club I'm a member of, VMXWA, are really supportive of new riders and quite happy for me to putt along at the back of the pack. When I first started, I had very little experience on a motorbike and I think someone could have walked around the track faster than I rode around it!

My first aim was not to get lapped. ​You see even for C Grade I was riding so slowly that the faster riders could catch up to me on the second lap! After a few race meetings I managed to get across the line before the winner so I could do a third lap.

My next goal was to be able to keep up with someone. Now, by keep up I meant still be able to see them in the far distance​ so I wasn't completely alone on the track finishing my last lap. LOL! Bit by bit I got faster. I was able to stay close enough to the end runners for the first lap or two, but eventually they'd pull ahead. Then one of the early meetings this year I achieved my goal. The rider ahead of me was just going across the finish line as I was coming down the final hill (about 200 metres behind)! I was ecstatic! I felt as if I was getting faster and improving.

My next aim was to actually pass someone (not including those whose bike had broken down on the track!). I am pleased to announce on Sunday I achieved my goal. We had a couple of new riders at the track and for the first two races they were a few hundred metres in front of me. On the third race I realised that the guy in front was going around the corners quite slowly. I thought I can go faster than that. Corner by corner I reeled him in, leaving my braking as long as I could and accelerating faster out of the corners. On the back straight he was only about fifty metres in front of me and there were a whole lot of corners before the finish line. I realised that I might actually be able to catch him. My focus was absolute and I rode faster than I ever have before. On the final straight before the finish line he was right next to me. I gunned my bike and went perhaps faster than was wise over the last hill, before braking sharply. On the last S bend I went wide on the first corner but it gave me the inside line on the final corner and I crossed the finish line a second in front of him.

I was so excited that I whooped as I went over the finish line and then promptly rode off the track into a pile of bushes at the pit return! Whoops! The nearby flaggie came over and helped me lift my bike out and I was able to do my victory high fives to my husband who was standing by the fence applauding my efforts.​ It was definitely the highlight of my VMX career to date.

But now that I've achieved that, I need to figure out what my next goal should be. Perhaps I can work my way up to being third last. 🙂 I'm in no rush to be at the front of the pack. Slow and steady does it as I gain skills and confidence in my riding ability. ​The main thing is I'm having fun.