My Favourite Way to Relax

When I was house hunting quite a few years ago now, there were a few things that I had on my must have list:

  • a decent backyard
  • a double garage
  • a good sized bath

You see I love having a bath. It's one of my little indulgences that I can't do without. I love filling it to the brim with hot water, adding a very generous helping of bubble bath, making a cup of tea, grabbing some chocolate and of course a good book.

I can while away hours in the bath, especially if the book is good and I don't notice the water getting cold. Or if the book is particularly good, letting out some of the cold water and filling it with some more hot water! My husband knows not to disturb me unless he's bringing me a cup of tea, or more chocolate.  🙂

I especially love a bath after a hard day in the garden, or a weekend of vintage motocross. So it was with absolute delight that I filled up the bath on Monday evening and soaked my very sore muscles after the national VMX titles. I covered my ebook reader with a clear plastic ziplock bag to make it waterproof and settled in with Amanda Bridgeman's Aurora series. ​I'm currently on book two and am thrilled that book five came out today so I won't have to wait when I get up to it!

So I've told you about my favourite way to relax - what's one of yours?​