End of Season – VMX

It was the end of season wind up for the vintage motocross on the weekend. There's the awards night which is always fun and then the final race meeting. My club doesn't keep track of who comes first, second or third in each race meeting, there are no points awarded and no one cares. Instead the awards consist of Most Improved, Most Consistent and novelty awards like best crash and prettiest bike.

Most Improved Trophy

I was stoked to receive the Most Improved for C Grade. I think going from being lapped every race to passing someone was a great achievement and I'm quite proud of how my riding improved over the season. I've gone from being kind of scared every time my bike wobbled to having little issue when the back end skips out. The picture to the left is my trophy - a picture of me at Nationals - and note that both wheels are actually off the ground! 

At the last race meet on Sunday I decided to really give it a go to stick the start and stay with the pack. I raced into the first corner surrounded by bikes and tapped my front brake and learnt a very valuable lesson. If you tap your front brake in sand, the front wheel digs in and you go flying over the handle bars! I'll remember that in future. I picked myself up, spat the sand out of my mouth and kept going.

The other award I received at the wind up is one of the perpetual awards. It's such a gorgeous trophy.​

The Balls and All Trophy

It's the Balls and All Award. I'm not sure if you can read the inscription on the right but it says It doesn't matter how big the skid is, it's the team who has the most fun that wins. I think that pretty much describes my husband and I. We're not the fastest or the slowest sidecar out there, but we do have a lot of fun! I really love how the club gave everyone framed photos this year rather than actual trophies (with the exception of the perpetual ones!) It's a great memento and one that is more likely to end up on a wall than tossed in a cupboard gathering dust!

So what are we going to do during the off-season? Well the sidecar needs fixing, as does my husband's bike. The club has been invited to a couple of speedway events which could be interesting, but aside from that it will be resting the body and looking forward to the weather cooling down so we can start the season again. Oh and as I write the club's newsletter, I'd better get the last one of the season written and sent.