Restoring faith in humanity

After the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris and Beirut last week, it would be very easy to become depressed with the state of the world. There seems to be so much hate and violence. So what I'd like to do today is remind everyone of the love that is still in the world, that people do random acts of kindness every day and the world still is full of good people. There are a couple of videos that cheer me up and make me smile on You Tube and I'm sharing them below. You can see more lovely videos by going to You Tube and typing Random Acts of Kindness in the search box. I hope this helps to restore your faith in humanity, like it does for me.

This might be a Coca-Cola advert but it always makes me smile.

You can find the explanation for each of these items in the description of the You Tube site.  

I hope you're feeling a little bit happier after this. Remember #SpreadLoveNotHate