Spring is in the air!

Earlier this year I wrote about why I won't survive a zombie apocalypse, but this month I'm feeling a little more confident. We have a nectarine tree that we planted years ago, and for the very first time, it's actually covered in fruit! Now it's still early days, they might not actually get any bigger than they already are, but I'm feeling optimistic. 

nectarine fruit tree

And it's not just the nectarine. Our lemon tree hasn't stopped fruiting all year, we actually have flowers on our jacaranda tree for the first time in ten years (OK, so they're not covering the whole tree but maybe a tenth of it, so that counts, right?) and out mini orchard out the back is looking great as well.

The mango tree has a lovely flower on it, the lemon, orange and mandarin have been covered in the most gorgeous smelling flowers and the apples are similarly blossoming.

My husband planted a pomegranate ​and while I'm not a massive fan of the fruit, I must admit the flowers are gorgeous. 

Pomegranate flowers

The fruit I'm the most excited about is the banana passionfruit I planted about six months ago.  I have wonderful memories of raiding my great grandmother's banana passionfruit vine whenever we went to visit. She was a botanist and had the kind of garden that begged to be explored. The moment I saw the banana passionfruit at our local nursery, I knew I had to have it even though I didn't really have a spare wall to grow it on. I found some metal grid mesh in the shed, stuck it in the ground between two star pickets and planted the vine. It has now taken over the whole area and is threatening to take over a nearby tree. I think I might have to take a cutting and move it somewhere further from the trees next year! Anyway, I've digressed. The banana passionfruit isn't just spreading, it's also flowering with these big beautiful pink/purple flowers. I really hope that means we're going to get some wonderful fruit!

So while the vegie patch isn't a massive success, I'm hoping our orchard will make up for it! Do you have a favourite fruit you like to grow?​