Promo – Loretta Hill: The Grass is Greener

Western Australian rural romance author, Loretta Hill has a new book out. Best friends swapping places is always a fun concept and you'll have to read to find out if they succeed!

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The grass always seems greener on the other side... until you get there

For generations Bronwyn Stevenson's family has thrived in the legal profession and a position at their prestigious firm is hers by right. Only problem is: she doesn't want it. Her best friend Claudia has always dreamed of being a lawyer, but tragedy struck and she took up the reins of her father's vineyard instead. It was supposed to be temporary... now there's no end in sight. Bronwyn wants Claudia's life so badly. Claudia can't imagine anything better than Bronwyn's job. So the friends hatch a crazy plan to swap places. Both are determined to be the person they always thought they could never be. But achieving your dreams isn't easy - and falling in love with the men who oppose them isn't a good idea...

The Grass is Greener is a captivating novel about best friends, family and fighting for what you want, against all odds.