What I’m reading

In the second half of the year I became quite neglectful with my reading. Usually I'll have at least one book on my must read list for each month but that fell by the wayside as I was trying to meet deadlines. So while I was preparing for my five-week trip to Ecuador I decided I would make up for lost time. I got out my Kobo and hit the shops.

Oh my goodness, it was fun.

I had a bunch of books on my to read list​. Some of them were friends' books: 

  • It's Love Dude, and Angel Thief both by Jenny Schwartz
  • Secret Confessions: Backstage - Jet by Rhian Cahill and Kelly by Shona Husk
  • Beckoning Blood by Daniel de Lorne
  • Tease Me, Cowboy by Rachael Johns
  • 12 Days At Silver Bells House by Jennie Jones

Then there were books that were recommended on various podcasts:

  • Not Quite Darcy by Terri Meeker
  • Trade Me by Courtney Milan

Finally there were books that were advertised on various newsletters that I subscribe to. Some were by authors I hadn't read before but the story sounded interesting, and others were by authors that I've read and enjoyed. I was really pleased to see Robyn Peterman had a couple of books on special because I'd read one of hers on my sister's recommendation and loved it, but hadn't got around to reading any more.

So all up I think I have twenty-four books to keep me amused during the thirty hour flight there and back. I think that should be enough. My only concern is whether my ereader battery will last long enough!