Perth Writers Festival

Tomorrow is the start of the Perth Writers Festival and this year I will be on a panel. I'm really excited to be involved, because I've been going to the Writers Festival for years, learning new things, and this year I'm able to give back to the community. I'm part of the one day publishing seminar that is on Thursday, and I'll be on a panel with my friends and colleagues; Shona Husk, Michelle Diener and Nikki Logan talking about the Changing Landscape of Publishing.

The publishing industry has changed a lot since I started to write my first book over ten years ago, and we'll be discussing the good and bad things about this.

I've also been invited to the opening night party, which I'm going along to. I'm a little bit nervous about this, because I'm hopeless at mingling, but I'm dragging my husband along for moral support so if I can't get up the nerve to talk to anyone, at least I'll have him by my side!

I've been through the PWF program with a fine tooth comb, circling all the sessions I want to see. Unfortunately I'm going to have to make some hard choices where there are a few conflicts - I can't be in two places at once. I'm particularly excited about hearing Jasper Fforde talk as I love his books.

The other exciting thing is that all four of The Texan Quartet print books will be available at the festival's Dymocks bookshop. You can even get a print copy of Into the Fire which isn't being released until 25th February. So if you're near the University of Western Australia over the weekend, drop in and have a look.