Promo – Kerrie Paterson: Chasing Dreams

Last month Kerrie Paterson won the Australian Romance Readers Association award for Best New Romance Author. To follow up that success, she has a new book out. Chasing Dreams has just been released.

Chasing Dreams

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Can they score a love match the second time around?

Almost twenty years ago, Belinda Morrison’s teenage dreams of playing top level cricket were shattered after a night of fun went wrong. While she lay in a hospital bed, the ute’s driver, her boyfriend Marc, left town.

Now Marc Orsini’s a cop, and he’s been sent back to Hope Creek as a temporary posting.

The sparks are still there, stronger than ever, and after a shaky start, their relationship ignites again.

With many ties to the community, the town is Bel’s life, but Marc has responsibilities elsewhere. She can’t risk a short-term romance, but how can she let him walk out of her life for a second time?

Chasing Dreams follows on from Letting Go but can also be read as a stand-alone.