Red letter day! We have bananas!

I am so very excited today. For months, actually it's probably years now, we've been growing banana trees. I had one that flowered and bananas grew but never ripened. Then this year we had another bunch of bananas and they were pretty green as well. I picked a few of them, to see if they would ripen inside, off the tree and one out of the four did. It was quite tasty too.

But then today we hit the jackpot. My husband went outside to hang the washing on the line and he came in with this golden haul.!


There are enough bananas here to make a banana cake, and banana pancakes and eat a few for snacks. I feel like I could almost call myself a farmer! 

Now some of you may think I'm a tad overly enthusiastic, but I've been growing fruit for years now and after eight years I finally got a few lemons, and those nectarines I showed in an earlier post ended up getting eaten by birds. So actually having fruit I can eat is so very exciting! I definitely think banana pancakes are on the menu for breakfast tomorrow.