Sewing with Mum

When I first found out I was going to be an aunt, I decided I wanted to make something special for my niece or nephew. Something that showed I cared. After a lot of thought, I decided on a baby blanket/soft toy combination. This probably wasn't the best decision as I'm a hopeless sewer, but my mum isn't.

In fact my mum was the inspiration behind Imogen's sewing room in All that Sparkles. She converted her lounge room into her Treasury, filled with fabrics and buttons, and cottons and pretty much anything you can think of that's related to sewing. At one stage she pulled out these weird pelican bill-looking scissors for me to use. Thought a word of warning to anyone who uses the wrong scissors on the wrong medium!

So anyway, I've made each of my nieces and nephews one of these baby blanket/soft toy combinations over the years and I suddenly realised I have a new nephew on the way and I needed to make another one. A quick phone call to mum and we set up a date. She needed help with a computer related thing so we decided to have a day helping each other.​

Fabric pinned

When I arrived she had everything cut out and pinned together. ​I believe the number of pins in the fabric is an indication of how well mum knows my sewing skills. I'm generally fine in a straight line (well mostly!), but curves tend to give me problems. The fabric starts to come apart, or bunches up and it makes a bit of a mess. And just a tip to those who don't sew - going faster doesn't actually make the fabric smooth out magically, it just makes more of a mess! 🙂

Anyway, I sewed and I stuffed and I got around those pesky little corners that gave me so much hassle, and finally I ended up with something that was fit for a baby.​

Finished Product

Let's just say that I won't be quitting my day job any time soon to become a seamstress!​