Poncho Wearing Weather

The one thing I wanted to buy when I went to Ecuador last year was a poncho. I had a poncho when I was a child and I have fond memories of it, so I really wanted to get another one. It took me a while to find the perfect one, there were so many different colours and styles, but eventually I found it. A gorgeous bright blue one with a hood.

It was cool enough in the mountains of Ecuador to wear it, but of course when I arrived back in Australia it was summer and way too hot.

Now however it's starting to cool down. Yesterday it went from a lovely sunny day in the morning to cold and raining by midday, so I needed to put something warmer on. I had washed my favourite jumper that morning because the weather had looked so lovely, so what could I put on? I searched through the top of my wardrobe and found my poncho! Yay! It was absolutely perfect. I slipped it on and it's so warm with it's alpaca wool.​

I know there may be some people out there who don't think a poncho is the coolest of clothing choices but I don't care. It makes me happy to be snug as a bug in a rug in my poncho.

Yesterday I was curled up on my couch, under the rug, wearing my poncho and reading the latest book by Shona Husk, Warrior Queen. Then I took a break from my hectic day (LOL) to have a massage, which was divine. It was the perfect end to what was a really busy week for me and I'm usually not very good at allowing myself to have a break.

Now I'm ready to get stuck in on the final proofread of Change of Heart.​