Weekend Recovery

This post is so late because I've only just finished packing up from our long weekend. Can I please have another few days off to recover from my weekend?

We headed down to Narrogin on Friday afternoon to help set up for the Dandaloo Classic, which is a two-day vintage motocross event. As I'm the president of the club, I had to make sure everything was organised. Of course it would have been nice if I had a check list for all the things I needed to organise, but I winged it with the help of a few others and I think we set it up all right.

Saturday we started at about 10 am and got three rounds of racing in. My solo bike which had just been fixed, decided it didn't want to kick start so I just had the role of sidecar passenger for the weekend. I haven't done any sidecar riding for six months so it was hard on the body and I'm feeling every muscle today.

Saturday night was a nice social evening at the club room where most people had a barbecue and the club provided salads.​ It gives all the members a chance to talk about (and exaggerate!) their rides of the day. 

Sunday was a packed day and we got five rounds of racing in, including the final handicapped all-in race which we have a perpetual trophy for. I'll admit by the last race on the sidecar I was hoping the other teams had had enough and didn't want to go out, because I was so tired! ​

That night we had a dinner at the local football club and gave out a few trophies and then this morning it was back to the track to pack up all the bikes, and everything from the weekend. When we got home I had to dash out to a meeting, but then it was back to clean all of the bikes. I didn't finish until 4.30 pm. So now I'm going to have dinner, watch Game of Thrones and go to bed!​