2 Annoying Things About Computer Games

There are some people who are really anti computer games and I'm not one of them. I don't buy into the whole "computer games are making children violent' or 'turning my child into a slob' mentality. My husband has been playing them since I've known him and he's not a raging psychopath or a couch potato. I also enjoy playing them on occasion though I have to be careful not to be obsessive about it.

My husband introduced me to Monkey Island when I was a teenager and I spent many a happy hour trying to solve the puzzles. Some of the great games are amazing at improving critical thought, exercising your mind and being fun at the same time. The best are like a choose-your-own-adventure interactive book, and you know how much I love books!

There are a couple of annoying sides to them however.

1. They can be bad for your sleep patterns

It's the 'just one more chapter' argument, except with a game it's 'one more mission​' which could last an hour or more and then spring up three more missions you have to do. Suddenly it's one o'clock in the morning and you realise you have to be up in five hours. Oops.

2. Gamers will do things in games they wouldn't do in real life

Most people would think this is a good thing. Gamers can kill and maim and be as evil as they want to characters and they wouldn't do it in reality. And that is a good thing, it is.​ But the flip side of that is what I'm currently experiencing with my husband. You see I love to play cards, but no one who lives near me likes to play cards. My husband's really not a big fan. Except in the current game he's playing, Witcher, he will spend hours playing the card game, Gwent that is in it! That's so not FAIR!

I've called him out on it, and he fully admits to it, but I still can't get him to play cards with me. I even went so far as to see if they have made a physical version of the cards - and they had - but they are no longer available. Damn it!​

So it looks as though I'm doomed to still have no one to play cards with me.​ Sigh.