What I’m Working On

Change of Heart has just come out, so what am I working on now? Well in the publishing industry the book releases lag behind what I'm actually working on. I've already finished writing Blaze a Trail which is book 3 of The Flanagan Sisters. I should actually be receiving the copy edits for it some time this week. 

So at the moment I'm working on two different things. The first is a short non-fiction book to go along with the editing workshop I'm presenting at the Rockingham Writers Convention in September.​

The second thing is book 4 in The Flanagan Sisters series.

Cover Coming Soon

But there are only three sisters, right?

Well I'm going to say maybe at this stage. I haven't quite decided how much information I'm going to give out about book 4 yet. If I say too much it will kind of spoil something that happens in Blaze a Trail. I'm going to ask my reader group how much information they want and use that as a guide. They'll be the first to know.

So if you want the scoop about book 4, you'll need to sign up to my reader group.​ I'll be asking for feedback about titles, will do the cover reveal to them first and of course tell them who the two lead characters are. 

I'm having such a great time writing this story, and I hope you'll love it too. I haven't set a release date yet, but I'm thinking January/February 2017.