Women’s Network Recap

This morning I went to the Kwinana Industries Council Women's Networking Forum to give a speech about my journey to becoming an author. I was a little nervous as I used to attend the forums myself when I was working in industry and I knew the quality of speakers was high. 

It was a breakfast session and as I left the full moon was in the sky. I switched on the radio because I find music always lifts my spirits, and the latest Pink song came on. It immediately gave me a boost.​

Signing books

The first speaker was Mel Neil, an Australian positive psychology practitioner and consultant. Her message was about focusing on employees' strengths rather than their weaknesses in order to get the best performance. It was really interesting to hear the statistics and see the results. She spoke really well and I wished the company I used to work for had used this method.

Then it was my turn to speak and a lot of what I said about my journey to publication was actually embracing my strengths, so I was able to refer back to Mel's presentation which was nice. I think it went well. Quite a few people asked about my books, and a couple had said they had already bought copies which was nice. They also liked the keyrings that I left on the tables for them.

I really enjoy getting together with new people and chatting about writing and today was a wonderful opportunity.