Finger Update

It's been two weeks since I cut off the top of my left index finger. On Monday I got my stitches out and started my hand therapy. The nurse who took out the stitches was quite lovely and we chatted about books as she worked. Luckily my husband had told me to take two different types of pain medication so it didn't hurt at all. The wound is still quite scabby but the skin itself looks better than it did a week ago when they changed the dressing.

Then I went to the hand therapist, who again was really nice. I have a whole bunch of exercises I have to do six times a day. The most important thing is desensitizing the finger tip so it doesn't hurt every time I touch it. I'm actually touch typing this blog post, which is super exciting for me because I was worried how long it would take me to get back to my normal typing speed. It's funny how quickly I got used to typing with three fingers on my left hand because I had to consciously remind myself I could use my index finger again.​ It's a little bit awkward with the extra bulk, but manageable.

I've also got a compression bandage on which will help to reshape the finger back to the correct shape. The only downside is I still can't get the finger wet which means another week or so showering with a plastic bag over my hand. 

I'm going to have to work out how to do some of my exercises while in Adelaide. One requires me to clench my hand in a container of dried split peas, kidney beans and pasta. It's the texture of these things which helps to desensitize the tip of the finger. I'll have to think about it because I don't want to carry those things in my luggage and then around conference with me, but I'm sure I'll come up with an alternative.

So all in all I'm quite pleased with my progress so far. The fact that I can touch type without any pain is a huge relief, and means I can hopefully finish book four of The Flanagan sisters soon.​