Profile: Evan Hayes

My character profile of Carly Flanagan was received with some interest at the beginning of the month so I thought I'd show you Evan's as well.

Evan image

Age: 28

Hair: Black - he forgets to cut it, so it's often long and messy

Eyes: Green

Physical Build: He's not particularly tall, but he has no issues with it. He is fit from all the swimming he does, and he has broad shoulders and a narrow waist.

Voice: New York accent

Height: 175cm

Style of Dress: He's a casual guy, always wearing rough/old clothes because he gets paint on them. He has a favourite painting shirt.

Ethnicity: American born in New York

Job: He's a painter - loves oils but does work in other media. 

Pet: Australian bulldog named McClane

Vehicle: white second-hand station wagon - needs a big boot to transport canvases

Siblings: Karl (25)

I actually have a far longer character profile worksheet, much of which I got from Cherry Adair's Writers' Bible. It really helps me get to know my characters better and if I'm struggling with the story, I go back and check out what my character wants to see if that helps me get back on track.