Promo – Lana Pecherczyk: Robin Lockslay

Today's promo is for Lana Pecherczyk and her novel Robin Lockslay. I'm a huge fan of Robin Hood and Lana's gender bending twist on the popular story is so intriguing to me.

Robin Lockslay Cover

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After Richard Lionhart catches Robin Lockslay (hacker and street urchin extraordinaire) stealing his family heirlooms, he hires her to ferret out corporate espionage at his charitable foundation in the heart of Nottingham City.

Two years later Richard goes missing, and Robin join forces with some light fingered friends – Scarlett Wilson, Allana Dale, Jonina Little and the gallant Marius Day – in the hopes of staging an unbelievable rescue.

But can she solve the mystery, thwart her dashing but sometimes unwanted suitors, avoid eviction, and save the poor … all without being arrested?