Promo – Rachael Johns: It’s Not You, It’s Her

Rachael Johns has started writing Harlequin Special Editions and her first one is now out. It's Not You, It's Her sounds like a really fun premise. This book has not one title but two. In some territories it's called A Dog and a Diamond.

It's Not You It's Her Cover

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How to break up with someone else’s fiancé
by Chelsea Porter, aka The Breakup Girl

* Tell him it’s not him, it’s her.
* Try to ignore how gorgeous Callum McKinnel is. You are breaking up with him, after all.
* Fall just a little bit when he rescues your dog.
* Try to resist when he asks you to join his family for Thanksgiving dinner in Jewell Rock.
* Succumb anyway.
* Succumb to a lot more than that.
* Remind yourself that you are The Breakup Girl. You don’t do commitment.

Wonder what would happen if The Breakup Girl stopped following her own advice…