Promo – Renee Hammond: Pathways

Renee Hammond has a new book out. Aside from writing dark paranormal romance, she also writes contemporary women's fiction. Pathways is her latest book.

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After her four year old daughter Ellie is killed in a drunk driving accident, caused by her husband, Flic’s life no longer holds any meaning. Her only desires for the future are a divorce and to find a way of dealing with the trauma now consuming her.

Thinking a change of location is the answer, Flic leaves the city for a relaxed lifestyle by the beach.

Here she meets the arrogant and antisocial crime writer, Dave Raddin. Having experienced grief herself, Flic is curious as to what could be responsible for etching the permanent frown onto his face.

Tormented by the loss of her daughter, Flic discovers that by helping a friend she too is beginning to come to terms with her own grief.