Armadale Library Talk Recap

Today I went to the Armadale Library to give a talk. I always like to give myself plenty of time when I'm driving somewhere in case I get stuck in traffic or get lost. I'm glad I did. The library is inside the Armadale shopping centre, but there just so happens that there are two shopping centres in Armadale and I went to the wrong one! Luckily they are right next to each other so after getting directions, I drove to the correct centre and found the library with plenty of time to spare.

Ther​e was a really nice group of people there. (*waves at them* because I told them I would write a blog post when I got home!) I spoke about my writing journey and my process and answered any questions they had.

I really like doing talks​ and meeting new people. It's great to hear about where they are in their writing journey.

I definitely believe that the craft of writing can be learnt, but that doesn't mean it's easy. I still find that listening to other writers and authors talk about their journey and their experiences can help to inspire me and I hope my own talks can in turn help others as well. 

On Saturday I'll be giving a workshop about editing at the Rockingham Writers Convention and hopefully offer some handy tips to new writers.