Profile: Zita Flanagan

I uploaded the finished files of Blaze a Trail to all the retailers yesterday, so it seemed like a good time to introduce you to Zita, the youngest of the Flanagan Sisters. 

Blaze a Trail Cover

She might still live at home with her Mama, but she still knows what she wants. 

Age: 25

Hair: Long, straight, strawberry blond

Eyes: Brown

Height: 170cm

Style of Dress: casual, colourful​

​Ethnicity: Salvadoran mother and Irish father

Job: Works at Casa Flanagan​

Pet: two dogs, Bess and Saint​

Vehicle: Yellow SUV​

Secret Wish: To be able to remember her father​

Zita was a real pleasure to get to know. She has such a passion and drive and her empathy is incredible. ​Putting her together with David (who makes a brief appearance in All that Sparkles, Break the Rules and Change of Heart) was so much fun.

If you want to get an early copy of Blaze a Trail, all you have to do is promise you'll leave a review, and sign up to my launch team.​ Otherwise you can find all the pre-order links here.