Rockingham Writers Convention Recap

The inaugural Rockingham Writers Centre convention was held on Saturday. It was a day of workshops - three choices for each session - and there were some great options. Alex Adsett was there to talk about contracts and copyright and to take pitches. We also had a variety of publishers taking pitches and great authors giving talks.

I gave my first Self-Editing workshop which was a lot of fun. There's so much to cover: plot, pace, characterisation, description, beginnings, endings and more. I only just got through it in 90 minutes. If you're interested in checking out the information I went through, then make sure you look at my Self-Editing novella. It's up for pre-order now, and will be out September 30.

Glennys Marsdon gave a great keynote speech about the state of the publishing industry​, which was very interesting. There are some challenges in regards to the findings of the Productivity Commission, but there's a lot of positive things as well.

​Throughout the day I caught up with friends and met a lot of new people. I always love talking writing and hearing about peoples' journeys. It's inspiring and interesting. 

Selfie with Terina Adams, Renee Hammond and Rebecca Laffar-Smith

The RWC is aiming to make the convention an annual event and we've already been discussing ideas for next year. We'll go through all the feedback we received to see how we can improve.​

If you're interested in other writing conventions, the next one in Perth is only 12 days away - Crimescene WA.​ I must book my ticket this week!