End of my tenure

You may recall a year ago when I wrote a blog post about going to the Vintage Motocross Club of WA AGM and somehow leaving as president. Well today is my last day as president and I must admit I'm quite relieved that it's over. I really had no idea what I was doing and felt like I was playing catch up all year.

Claire on solo bike

​You see I'm the kind of person who likes documentation - give me some instructions and I can make anything work, but I had very little information when I started as president. One of the first thing I did was organise all of the records (I was a records manager in a previous life) and then I discovered we were required to update our constitution and do a risk management plan this year. Well that was right up my alley and so I divided the tasks among the committee and we got it all done. In fact we'll be voting on the updates to the constitution at tonight's AGM. I have a wonderful procedures manual to hand over to the new committee - whether they read it is entirely up to them!

I also discovered we were low on officials for our race meetings so we arranged some training sessions to increase those numbers.​

In terms of the racing, well my bike hasn't been running particularly well all year, and the one time it did, I fell off and chopped off the tip of my left index finger! So really not the greatest years. Luckily my finger has healed nicely and I only had a couple of weeks when I couldn't type with two hands.

I'm looking forward to next year when I can go back to just being a member and helping out when needed!​ Now I'd better go and finish writing my handover report. 🙂