Profile: David Randall

David Randall is the hero in Blaze a Trail, but he first appeared as a character in All that Sparkles, book 2 of The Texan Quartet. From there he also appeared in Break the Rules and Change of Heart, so really it was about time he got his turn on centre stage!

Blaze a Trail Cover

Zita was perfect for him, because their backgrounds were such contrasts. I actually had a little difficulty getting his personality exactly right because he hid it from me for a while, only showing me what he showed the rest of the world, not letting me get to know him. I did know what he looked like from very early on however.

Age: 29​

Hair: Blond and always styled with gel​

Eyes: Blue​

Height: 190 cm​

Style of Dress: He cares about his appearance and is always wearing the latest fashion. He doesn't have any scruffy clothes.​

Job: Works as Chief Financial Officer at the family's oil and gas company, Dionysus​

Pet: would like a dog, but can't have pets in his apartment building​

Vehicle: Black mustang​

​I really liked how David changed throughout the story and how Zita showed him a different world to what he'd known. If you want to get to know David, you can find all the links to buy Blaze a Trail here.