Trash or Treasure?

The other day when I was going through a box of things looking for my high school year book, I discovered a whole heap of trophies I had won when I was doing Tae Kwon Do. I had actually forgotten all about them because I haven't done Tae Kwon Do in 10+ years. Many of them don't have much information on them as to why I won them - I think a couple were for tournaments and one was for most improved. 

TKD Trophies

It got me thinking - was there any point in keeping them?

It's not as if they're on display. We've actually got another cupboard full of trophies my husband and I have one over the years for: basketball​ (his), motocross (ours), Tae Kwon Do and swimming (mine). They take up a lot of space and account for at least half the weight of the box my husband had to lift down for me.

​So should I keep them?

The sentimental value is neglible, but it kind of seems wrong to just toss them out. I remember working hard at Tae Kwon Do, especially in the lead up to get my black belt.

I've left the box out, sitting there, reminding me that I should make a decision about the trophies.

Though knowing me​, it will stay there until it gets in the way and I'll put it away without making a conscious decision. 

So what do you think? Should I treasure my trophies, or treat them like trash?​