Happy Holidays

It’s only four more sleeps until Christmas and as this is the last normal blog post I’ll write between now and then, I wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday.

I wanted to do a nice graphic for the blog and as I was looking through the Canva images, I realised just how northern hemisphere centric all the graphics were. There are lots of snow images and ones that suggest it is cold. But see that’s not my experience of Christmas at all. In fact the one time I had Christmas in the northern hemisphere (in Germany), it didn’t snow at all.

Instead my Christmas day is going to be warm and sunny – maybe even scorching hot. We might head to the beach for a swim, or fire up the barbecue to cook dinner.

I was bemoaning the fact that so many of the Christmas carols I listen to mention snow and cold, and my husband got tired of my moaning and found me a couple of Aussie carols as well. This Aussie Jingle Bells is far more relevant to me!

Happy Holidays Everyone!