Profile: Hayden Johnson

Readers first met Hayden Johnson in Change of Heart, book 2 of The Flanagan Sisters. He was Carly's personal assistant, now her executive manager. I have to admit that I fell in love with Hayden during that book, particularly at the end when he helps Carly out. He's been unlucky in love before and I really wanted him to get his happily-ever-after so I knew I had to write his story. 

Place to Belong Cover

That's where Sean comes in, but I'll tell you about him in a later post. Today it's all about Hayden.

Age: 28

​Hair: Dark brown, cropped short and tends towards curly

Eyes: Brown​

Ethnicity: African-American​

Style of Dress:​ Hayden is very stylish. He has a collection of well-made suits in different colours which he wears to work, and after hours his outfits are always well put together.

Job: Excecutive manager at Comunidad, Carly Flanagan's software company

Vehicle: Red four-door sedan

Hobbies: hanging out with his friends. He loves to go dancing.

Hayden is a born organiser and loves his job. He also loves being around people and he adores Carly. When he hears that she has a mystery new brother, you can be certain he's going to make sure this guy is legit and not going to take advantage of the Flanagans.

I had so much fun getting to know Hayden while writing this book. There were times he did things that completely surprised me. If you want to read more about Hayden, you can pre-order Place to Belong here