Profile: Sean Flanagan

Sean Flanagan has Hayden to thank for his existence. The Flanagan Sisters was going to be a three book series, but I fell in love with Hayden and had to tell his story. And since Hayden was gay, I needed a Flanagan brother. It actually didn’t take me long to figure out how Sean came to be – he’s the oldest of all the siblings, because his father got a woman pregnant before going to El Salvador where he met Carmen, the sisters’ mother.

Place to Belong Cover Of course, then I had to figure out what kind of life Sean led in Ireland. He didn’t have a father, because Brendan was off in El Salvador, unaware of his existence, but he did look exactly like his father.

Age: 30
Hair Colour: Strawberry-blond
Eyes: Blue (like Bridget’s)
Physical Build: Tall and lanky
Job: Bartender in a small Irish town
Hobbies: plays the tin whistle

Sean suffers from anxiety and a low self-confidence so heading to Houston to meet his three half-sisters is a huge deal for him. He really doesn’t expect they will like him very much, even though they’ve chatted to each other via skype.

He was such an interesting character to write because he had so many issues.

Place to Belong is being released 20 January 2017, but if you can’t wait, you can find the first chapter and all the pre-order links here.