Two weeks until Christmas

It’s actually less than two weeks until Christmas and I am so unorganised this year. The Christmas tree is still sitting in a box in the cupboard, I’ve listened to no Christmas carols and I’ve bought all of one Christmas present. My husband and I haven’t even watched Love Actually yet.

I’m not sure what’s going on. We usually get right into the Christmas spirit.

Land iguana

Perhaps it’s because we skipped Christmas last year. We were on a boat tour of the Galapagos Islands for Christmas and in Ecuador for the four weeks before that and so we never put the Christmas tree up.

Or maybe it’s because we’re both working a lot. I’m trying to get a bunch of things finished by the end of the year and with my husband working shift work, we can’t seem to synchronise an evening to get all Christmasy.

As for the Christmas presents, well I’ve got no real excuse. I absolutely hate going near the shops in the week before Christmas so I’m usually totally organised, getting presents online or in person with plenty of time to spare so I don’t have to venture into the madhouse that is the shopping centre. This morning was the first time my husband and I sat down and worked out what we were going to get everyone. Now I need to find some time to go out and get them. I can’t really even buy online anymore because chances are low that they will arrive on time.


It’s so not like me not to be into the Christmas spirit. I think I’m definitely going to need to play some Christmas carols tonight.