My Least Favourite Household Chore

Some days coming up with a topic for a blog post is much harder than others. Today was one of those days. I was thinking about it as I was scrubbing the grout in my shower and bingo – topic found.
I seriously hate cleaning the shower. I’m not sure whether it’s the fumes from the cleaner, or having to scrub the grout, or whether I can’t seem to do it without getting soaking wet – but it’s got to be my least favourite chore.

When I’m cleaning the house I always leave it to last, my reasoning being, that by the time I’ve finished cleaning, I’m going to need a shower anyway, so I might as well do it then.
So I put on a podcast or some music and start with the kitchen because that’s the room that’s going to be the biggest return on investment. It’s in the middle of the house and everyone sees it, so when that looks sparkling and clean, the rest of the house feels better too.

I then move to the lounge room for a quick win. It generally needs just a light dust and tidy, so when I’ve finished those two rooms, I feel like I’ve almost done half the house. (except the floors of course – the floors are second-last on the list of things to do)
Next is either the bedroom or bathroom, depending on my mood, and just how messy they are – oh and whether we’re expecting guests. I can always shut the door on the bedroom – but not so much the bathroom. The rest of the bathroom is fine: sink cleaning – easy, mirror cleaning – shiny and pretty, bath rinsed of dust – piece of cake. But those tiles in the shower, with all the grout and the confined space and the… ugh. No thanks. Maybe in future I can trade the job with my husband. I’m sure there’s some part of cleaning the house he hates. Hmm, now there’s an idea. I’ll have to chat to him. 🙂
So what’s your least favourite household chore?