Water Park Fun

I had a really great day today at a pop-up water park. The concept sounds kind of strange but it’s basically where all the rides are inflatable and can be moved around the country. I received the tickets for Christmas and I went with my husband and my brother and sister-in-law and their two young boys. We chose the perfect day to go to the park because the weather was lovely (about 30 C) and it was the first day of school term so there were less than a hundred people there.

For some reason we decided the tallest speed slide would be the best to go on first. It’s quite a climb up to the top and it does sway a little bit when you get there.
The sides aren’t very high and it’s just a little bit terrifying on the first drop. But probably the worst thing about it is trying to retrieve your bathers from where they ended up after the ride! My nephews who are 9 months and not quite 4 were a little young to try the slides, but the youngest one did quite enjoy hanging out on the bean bags watching everything going on.

Water slides
bean bags

There was a big pool that the kids could swim in, which unfortunately got a leak about an hour after we arrived and had to be drained. It didn’t reopen while we were there, but the staff that were fixing the leak were working without shirts on, so the view was pretty good!
The most fun was the inflatable obstacle course which I suspect was supposed to be for small kids, but we all had an absolute blast on it. My oldest nephew left us all for dead, clambering over everything like a monkey while we got stuck in the tunnels!

The one thing the day showed me was that the days of going around and around on the slides are long behind me. I mean I had fun on them, but I also enjoyed lounging on the sun beds and just relaxing.