International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day and it seemed only right that I write about it. After all, I am a woman, and I write romance, which is written and read in the majority by women. It’s one area where women actually dominate.

Sure, there are always complaints that romances are anti-feminist and keep women tied to their apron strings. Those arguments usually only come from people who have either never picked up a romance novel, or haven’t picked one up in the 21st century.
These days romances contain strong women, in a range of

occupations, who don’t need a man around – though it’s nice to have. The story isn’t about finding the perfect guy, but finding the person who is right for the heroine, someone who appreciates her flaws as much as her strengths.

Good romances show that women can have it all (though there may be some doubt at the beginning – because a story is no good without conflict!). They deal with myriad issues which affect women from discrimination at work, being a single parent, domestic abuse, and much more.

Romance stories celebrate women and show all they can achieve. I’m proud to be a romance author. So help me celebrate International Women’s Day, by leaving a comment about your favourite romance novel.