Promo: Michelle Dennis – Infinite Completion

Michelle Dennis’s Infinity series starts with Infinite Completion and follows the story of Abbie and Valentine.

Infinite Completion
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On the brink of her twenty-first birthday, Abbie Bennet is finally living the well-balanced life she’s worked hard for.

When Abbie is dragged out onto the dance floor and becomes face to face with Valentine, her intuition is less than impressed, but her heart leaps forward and forgets just how hard it’s been for her to become ‘balanced’. Just like Alice in Wonderland, Abbie stumbles head first down into the rabbit hole and her whole world is turned upside down.

Valentine is the hunky lead singer of a pub band, with dark brooding eyes aimed right at Abbie. He’s intriguing and charming, but he rides a motorbike and has a troubled past – he’s complicated and everything her mother warned her about.