Blog Announcement

Today I wanted to announce that I’ll be cutting down on my blog posts this year. Since I started blogging in February 2015, I have been blogging three times a week and last week I actually assessed what that meant.

  • I’ve written 360 posts
  • Spent approximately 270 hours writing blog posts
  • Written approximately 90,000 words

That’s a whole book worth of writing right there! So in response, I’m going to cut back those blogging hours. I’ve decided to post weekly instead and see how that goes. I still want to keep you up to date with my writing and what’s going on, but I’m going to move that information more to my monthly newsletter. If you haven’t signed up for it, make sure you do, and you get a free book by signing up.

If there are any topics you’d like to see me discuss here on my blog, make sure you leave a comment or contact me and let me know.