Promo: Elise K Ackers – One for the Road

Elise K Ackers has a new book out, with the backdrop of a European group tour. Sounds fantastic! Check it out below.

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A story about daring to play a role not cast for us, One for the Road—set against an ever-changing European background—celebrates the relationships we find outside our comfort zone and examines how they might change our lives.

Adaline Sharp has crossed the world to be anonymous. She’s put tens of thousands of kilometres between herself and those who need her, and joined forty-seven others on a group tour through Europe. Freedom is bliss. Acting her age is a novelty and the world away from home is wonderful. But her low profile is not to last.

Intrigued by the wide-eyed girl who can’t seem to get enough of the world, fellow tour mate Rory Frost adjusts his priorities. He’s going to see everything, but he’s going to see it with her.

Except Adaline didn’t come here to make friends – friends equal obligations and expectations, and Adaline’s learned that to need someone is to bind them.

Rory must show Adaline that the right relationships can empower her if he is to have any hope of seeing her again after the international departure terminal.