Sensory Deprivation Tank

While I was away last week, I did something that I’d been wanting to do for a while. I went into a flotation tank, aka a sensory deprivation tank. It’s basically a bath like tank, that is big enough for you to lie down completely, but it has a cover over the top. The water is full of magnesium sulphate which allows you to float, and the temperature matches your skin temperature so you barely feel the water. With the lid closed and the lights off, it’s pitch black inside.

So what’s the point?
Well athletes use it as a recovery tool as the magnesium is good for muscle recovery, but it’s also nice as a relaxation device.
When we got there, the attendant explained how it worked and gave us ear plugs so that the salt water didn’t end up in our ears.

Then we were left alone (my husband had his own tank in a different room).
First we had to shower and wash our hair. Any moisturiser, makeup and deodorant had to come off so that it didn’t pollute the water. Then after ensuring I had the ear plugs in correctly I got into the tank which has coloured lighting in it. I lowered the lid, turned off the lights and realised I’d left the lights on in the room so it wasn’t as dark as I thought it would be! I rectified the issue and then lay in the water.

It’s quite incredible that you float half in and half out of the water. It took a minute or so to settle, though I felt as though my body was moving from side to side. I’ve got no idea if it actually was, as it was pitch black! There was some lovely relaxation music playing for the first fifteen minutes.

Water ripples

Then all that was left for me to do was lie there and relax. It was quite interesting because I felt as if I had to keep my head supported, which I really didn’t. The water was dense enough that I wasn’t going to go under. It’s funny how our brain seems to make assumptions.
I really enjoyed the experience and my husband and I have actually booked into another place closer to home.
It’s definitely worth a try, especially if you’re feeling stressed. If you don’t like being in the dark, or get claustrophobic, you can always keep the lights on and keep the lid open.