Bullet Journal One Month On

In April I wrote about how I was implementing a new planning and productivity system using a bullet journal. Well I’m a month in and I thought I’d give an update.

I’m loving it!

I’m so less stressed about things I have to do, and so much more organised – it’s brilliant. So what have I actually done? Using the principles of Getting Things Done by David Allen and the Bullet Journal, I have come up with the following lists:

  • weekly and monthly review checklist
  • read/review
  • waiting for

I love my waiting for list. It’s where you write a task that you can’t complete until you’ve received something from someone else. For

example I just recently started putting together a bundle of The Flanagan Sisters and I couldn’t do any more until I got the cover from my designer. So ‘waiting for cover from Ida’ went on my waiting for list. It’s especially useful in my volunteer work for Romance Writers of Australia (RWA) when I’ve asked someone a question and are waiting to hear back before I go ahead. If I didn’t write it down I’d forget about it.

I also have a bunch of project lists including:

  • Things to do around the house
  • Things to do in the garden
  • RWA tasks
  • Business development tasks
  • Writing tasks

Each month I plan out the tasks I want to achieve and then each week I do a weekly list and each day I choose the things I want to complete that day. It really helps me to stay focused and complete what I need to. I can highly recommend it as a productivity process. What do you do to stay productive?