US Bookbub Results

I had a lot of interest in the last post I did regarding advertising ROI and so I thought I’d do another post regarding my US Bookbub in June. For those of you who don’t know, Bookbub is a newsletter which alerts subscribers to discounted books. As an author I can apply to have my discounted book on there and I can choose the region it is shown in: US, UK, Canada, Australia and India. In January I had an international Bookbub (everything but the US) and it was really successful. This time I received a Bookbub for the US, which is a larger market. The price is much more expensive – the international Bookbub cost me AUD $68.10 whereas the US one cost me AUD $447.14 – but it was totally worth it.

Like the last Bookbub I put Break the Rules up for free for about two weeks. This is the first book in The Flanagan Sisters series.

The book ran in Bookbub on 14th June 2017 and was free from about the 10 – 26th July. During that time it was downloaded about 76,000 times: Amazon 52594, Draft2Digital (the majority being iBooks) 23019 and Kobo 630.
That’s a lot of people more aware of the Flanagan Sisters series, which I am thrilled about.

What’s even better is that the sales of the rest of the series skyrocketed. Prior to the Bookbub I was selling 4-5 books a day. After the Bookbub I was averaging 100 books a day for over a week, and Break the Rules was #1 on Amazon.
Even now, over a month later, I’m still averaging 20 sales a day, which I’m extremely pleased about.
It’s quite interesting to see the buy-through rate as well. About 60% of people who bought Change of Heart, went on to buy Blaze a Trail, and 50% bought Place to Belong. Now the reduction might just be due to some people being slower readers than others, and they’re still getting around to buying the rest. 🙂
So what does that mean in terms of return on investment? Just based on my June sales, it’s a ROI of 1321% – not to be sneezed at! Bookbub will definitely be part of my advertising strategy going forward.