The Texan Quartet Republished

I’ve recently received the rights back for The Texan Quartet. So what does that mean?
It means that Momentum (my original publisher) no longer has the right to publish them, and I can publish them myself.

So why would I do this?

Well there’s lots of reasons actually.

  1. This means I can offer What Goes on Tour (Book 1) for free to fans who sign up for my reader group.
  2. I can see my sales in real time. For example I can see that The Texan Quartet books have been bought 44 times on Amazon since I uploaded it
  3. I can change the pricing whenever I like (keep an eye out for a sale in the near future!)
  4. I can bundle the Texan Quartet all together like I did with the Flanagan Sisters (as soon as I get the cover!)
  5. I can update the What Goes on Tour cover to match the other ebook covers

It’s exciting to have the opportunity to play around with the series and see if I can market it to a new group of people. And I’ve been exploring the world of audio books of late, so I might even be able to create audio books of them too. There are lots of possibilities!