Loving Lucifer

I have recently discovered the TV show Lucifer. I know I’m a bit behind the times because the third season has just started, but the advantage is that I got to binge watch the first two series on Netflix.

Which I did.
In about a week.

The basic premise is that Lucifer has decided he doesn’t want to be the lord of hell any more and has retired to LA. His brother and his friend both want him back in hell but Lucifer’s not interested. Instead he teams up with Detective Decker to solve murders.

I adore the character of Lucifer. He’s charming, he’s naughty, he’s righteous, he’s arrogant and in a way he’s also naive.

I loved watching his relationships with the others around him grow. At times he’s incredibly sweet and other times he’s incredibly dense, and at times I was shouting at the TV for him to actually learn and grow from his experiences, but still I love him. He’s got so many layers, so many sides to him and when the devil comes out, he can be legitimately frightening. Tom Ellis does an excellent job playing him.

As I’m watching the series I found myself less interested in the crime they are trying to solve and more interested in what is going to happen between the characters. I’m thrilled the new season has started already, but waiting for each episode to come out is going to try my patience! 🙂

What are your favourite TV shows?