We’re all going on a summer holiday!

Or, at least I am. 🙂 Next week I’m flying to Thailand, Koh Samui to be exact. I haven’t been overseas since my Ecuador trip in 2015, so I can’t wait. This will be my first time to Koh Samui so I’ve been checking out YouTube vlogs and reading sites like Trip Advisor to discover what I should do while I’m there.

And of course I’ve made a list.

I have a bunch of things I absolutely want to do and a few things that I might do if time permits. Top of my list are:

  1. Scuba Diving – I learnt how to scuba dive a couple of years ago and haven’t been diving since. Koh Samui has some amazing dive sites and I want to spend at least a day underwater.
  2. The Ice Bar – yes a bar made of ice on a tropical island. It looks like fun.
  3. The Friday Night Market at Fisherman’s Village
  4. Eating a lot of tasty Thai food

It’s not a long list because my main aim is to relax and chill out, so I don’t want to be rushing around doing a million things. We might hire a motorbike and explore the island ourselves, or we might spend most of our days by the pool – knowing us, it will be a combination of both. I’ve loaded up my e-reader with books, and I’m looking forward to getting through my to-be-read pile.

Keep an eye on my Facebook page for updates of what we’re up to while we’re there!