Making Candles

I always like trying new, creative activities and last month I took a candle making course. I love scented candles, but they can be expensive, or they might smell nice in the shop, but after you light them they don’t smell at all. So I decided to learn how to make them.

My husband and I found a weekend course not far from where we live. The first task when we arrived was picking a fragrance for our candles – and OMG, I never realised there were so many options to choose from! After sniffing over 40 scents, I decided on Dragon’s Blood and my husband chose Italian Spiced Chocolate. Part of the course’s price also included some of the equipment needed to make candles at home and the instructor explained all of the containers you could potentially use for candles. My imagination was ignited with all the possibilities!

The actual wax pouring part of the workshop didn’t take very long. If you’ve got everything organised it takes only a few minutes. We made one large candle in a beautiful glass jar with lid, and then a bunch of tea lights and melts as well. The bit that took the longest was waiting for the tea lights to set a little so we could put the wicks in. It’s safe to say by the time we finished the course I was well and truly hooked. We ended up buying some more fragrance (English garden and Lemongrass and Ginger), plus some colouring and a lot of candle holders.

I can’t wait to start experimenting!

What kind of creative hobbies do you have?