Romance Roadtrip

In August I'll be doing the road-trip every Australian should do at least once in their life - the Nullarbor. I'm being joined by Michelle Diener and together we're driving from Perth to Melbourne for the Romance Writers of Australia conference. On the way we're stopping at a few places to meet readers and chat about writing, books and being an author. 

The following libraries are on our route. If you want us to consider stopping near you, contact me and I'll see what I can work out.

  1. 1
    William Grundt Memorial Library, Kalgoorlie, WA
    Sunday 4 August 2019 at 3pm
  2. 2
    Coolgardie Community Recreation Centre, Coolgardie, WA
    Monday 5 August 2019 at 10am
  3. 3
    Kambalda Community Recreation Centre, Kambalda, WA
    Monday 5 August 2019 at 1pm
  4. 4
    Horsham Library, Horsham, VIC
    Thursday 8 August 2019 at 10.30am

As we'll be flying home, we'll only be taking limited print books with us. If you want to guarantee your books, make sure you fill out our order forms. Note: this is only for people attending one of our above talks.