Day 3 – Newman to Karijini

Travel Time: 6 hours

Distance Travelled: 356 km

Number of 'Interesting Moments': 2

What was meant to be an easy trip to Karijini National Park was anything but. In order not to worry the parents, please only read the 'sealed section' below if you are not a mother or father of the people on this journey!

Sealed Section - no parents allowed

OK, so warning over, the first hurdle was just after we left the caravan park in Newman and the caravan bounced off the tow ball as we went over a speed hump. Luckily a couple of heroic young guys raced over to help us and before we could thank them, they disappeared again. So, if you happen to be reading this - THANK YOU.

We travelled through Karijini National Park to get to Tom Price because there are no petrol stations in the park. We filled up the car and as we were driving out of the petrol station, a strange tick, tock sound started. When we parked, it looked as if running the fridge through the car battery was the problem. So we took it to Ashburton Tyre and Automotives who squeezed us in, changed the battery and then we were on our way, no more problems.

So we arrived at Karijini Eco Retreat a little later than planned. The place has no powered sites and only a few showers so it's going to be an interesting few nights. The dirt is so red it doesn't seem real and gets into everything. But the stillness and quiet are breath-taking. 

I thought the night would be inky black, but with a half moon, there was plenty of light to see with on the 300m walk to the toilet. Tomorrow we'll start exploring the gorges nearby.